Map Sales

Map 1

Interesting building sites:
1. Nuclear Silo (VER2)
2. Helicopter Pads (VER2)
3. Own wooden bridges
4. Mini train station
5. Port Townis
6. Cargo ship
7. Bunker Cave
8. Own mine shafts
9. Mini Sewers

[Wpcsimple_button email=' ' size = ' large ' amount = ' 20.00 ' name = ' CM1 ' currency_code = ' EUR ']

PRICE: 500kč/20eur

Send the payment: (send money to friends and family) to make the amount come full, in the comments PayPal write: about what map you are interested, email for updates, and possibly contact on your steam or discord, t
he map will be sent after receiving payment, no later than 24h. On your discord, mail.. 
Thanks and I wish you pleasant fun.