Payment Gateway for VIP

  • When paying via Paypal, send a payment to the recipient, an additional message for the receipt of your STEAM ID or the NAME of the PLAYER you want to VIP.
  • If you are paying by bank transfer, give as VS (variable symbol) your STEAM ID or the NAME of the PLAYER you want to VIP.
  • When paying SMS, send according to the pattern. SMS payment is the fastest choice and Vip will be credited in a few minutes:-)
  • We wish you a nice fun

Instructions for Steam ID:

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SMS Payment and VIP system terms of use

Any use of such payments (payment, promotion, etc.) automatically agrees to these terms. You waive any claim for a refund for the SMS sent. Send an invoice request to e-mail Enter the number from which the SMS was sent and the control number from the SMS responsible (only Slovak payments). guarantees that a properly sent SMS message will be processed correctly and credits will be credited to the user identified by UID. For any complaints, it is necessary to keep the text responsible for SMS. If the information about this payment method is forwarded to a third party, you agree to inform the person of these terms and conditions and always indicate the correct price of the SMS. When promoting any of the SMS payment options on your website and elsewhere it is always necessary to provide the right price including information about the operator (for example, for CZ SMS worth 499 CZK: The service provider is The price of order SMS is according to customer fare. Price of incoming SMS is 499.00 Kč tax incl. The sales tax. Technically provided by Airtoy, a. s Infolinka 602 777 555. In case of non-compliance with the conditions in points 6 and 7, you are at risk of cancelling your user account and disabling prepaid services without a refund. The service is technically ensured by ELET, s.r.o. (