Rusty PvPE Cz/Sk

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  • Custom maps that you just don't see.
  • On the way are premium plugins which are not just somewhere:-)
  • On our Discordu you can vote what plugins you want on the server
  • You have something to look forward to and you are WELCOME:)
  • Be sure to follow us here and on the Discoru. There will be new information about the server, update and so on

Basic facts about our server PVP:

  • Full Wipe every month or every two weeks. By voting players 
  • Server is PVP What do you imagine?
  •  What does PVP with raid mean? (They go killing players and they go even destroying bases)
  • As for the premium plugin there are things like Zombi Horde, sliding doors, rocket turret, skinbox, balloon control, creating your own scrap, which you will be able to put where you want to:), calling different difficulty heli and Bradley, and lots of other things 
  • Monitored bases with CCTV cameras and laptops + premium items (BC: Gold AK Nails will have DMG 1, 25x)
  • The important thing is that every day there is someone who will help you with your problems "Active Admins"

Basic facts about our server PVE Zombie:

  • Full Wipe (1x per month, first Thursday of the month, voted by players)
  • Server is what you imagine under it? (It is a server for beginners where they do not go to kill players and do not go destroying the base):)
  • Zombie hordes of course are missing:)
  • You can summon a Heli, car, cargo ship, balloon,,,,,
  • The bases are disfalling by 50% slower
  • On the server is/shop where you buy a lot of stuff and/skinbox where you can almost everything 
  • Gather rate 2x-10x according to yaks lvl you have. The bigger the LVL digging, the more you get:-)
  • Drop and Loot also raised + multiple components 
  • + + + lots of other stuff
If you have any comments, requests, suggestions for improvement, feel free to write us on the forum or on our discord channel.

WIPE Tomorow 3.10.2019 around 14:00

How do you like our project and want to improve and support the server, you can buy a VIP or support us

So we have after Wipu new map and on the map there is also an island where there is a PVP zona where you can give a duel or ask fight. Nice fun for Everyone

Wipe Destinations Tomorow Podvecer 2.8.2019 + will be added new Heli MoD where will be Updgradovana Minicopter Ktera will be able to MIT 3 members and crashing bombs and shoot rockets

Wipe PVE server will go through this foot 19.7.2019 in 21-22h

29.6.19 21:30 Probiha prace on new forum, where it will be possible to buy some premium plugins and custom maps. :-)

A NEWBIE server was launched. IP to connect: or click on the link

Update caused the look of a few plugins and sometimes are the play kicked from the server Kvulu adapted packet. He's working on repair, apologetic for the problems.

Wipe will be tomorrow morning Max till 5:00

New VIP features will be added

14.5.2019 17:00 The server has been reset due to Oxide update

02.05.2019 Update and Wipe server 21:00

Corrected by SAM, now no longer shoots authorized players or minicoptér when you leave it + works on new shop with new features and XP system with reward

I'm preparing a super new map with super details. Photos on our Discordu

Fixed the plugin and I already display NPC after killed and not just boring numbers, it works on all sorts of scientists, the tank and when you will lead so also heli (not if it falls only when you shoot it:-))

You will be editing/Kit you have an idea on KIT to write it to us.

15.04.2019 working on translation of plugins to CZ/SK/ENG + work on new/shop and new/info

So update and wipe them behind the Nami and with Tim lots of news:-) Plus Super Vec is a skining M249 and M39 in the Skinbox juhuuuu

Added new plugin Titanic-where the ship arrives and shipwrecked by glacier with spectacular fireworks:-) Where the Icebergs watch it 3-5 NPC and wait for the loot from the ship. That's your chance!!! Select the crates and remove the NPC about it's Titani
c!!! 🙂 Added new plugin automatic search lights N
EW commands click on the lin

Added server for testing new things to be in upcoming updates. This means Staging version rust. It's not supported by oxide so it's pure vanilla but it's news:-) Nice Day C

z/Sk/Eu Rusty Staging test server

Thanks for the support from Luto.

16.3.18:00 For an overview who is online you can click on the side panel of PVE or PVP servers and there is an option to also through online map

Look at the commands you can on the server and on our forum how to set commands on the keyboard so that you do not have to write/kit/shop/map/backpack/skinbox…

16.3.2019 Opraneva Online Web map and map in HRE/map take